Nobody’s life is perfect and there is one question that we always get to hear ‘is there any remedy to end the miseries in our lives?’

We tell you that there are divine astrological tools that you can make use of to get rid of all problems and chaos from your life. The problems of life vary from person to person and while some people face problems related to their family and married life, other face problems in their career and professional life.

Astrological remedies can help you no matter what your reason for discomfort is and make your life a better one.

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Vedic Astrology Remedies

Vedic Astrologists can predict what the future has in store for you and see if there are any hurdles or obstacles that can affect your life in an adverse way. Vedic astrologist can then offer you remedies so that these hurdles go away and you lead a happy and smooth life. There is only purpose of astrological remedies – make your life a better one!

There are two principles on which astrological remedies work and they are:

Amplifying the effects of good planets by making them stronger

Lessening the negative effects of bad planets by making them weaker

Negative Effects of Bad Planets

So how to understand whether you are under the adverse effects of some bad planets?

  • Excessive Mental Stress
  • Continued Marital Problems
  • Life Threatening Ailments
  • Sudden Financial Losses
  • Frequently Getting Sick
  • Abject Poverty
  • Unable To Find A Suitable Partner
  • Delayed Marriage
  • Problems In Conceiving After Marriage
  • Childlessness and etc…

All are due to the effects of malefic planets.

If you are facing any of these or any other problems in your life, it might be due to fact that the positions of the good planets in your horoscope have been weakened.

How Astrological Remedies Work?

The principles on which astrological remedies work have already been mentioned above. Thus, astrological remedies either try to make the effects of good planets strong or try to weaken the affects of bad planets in your horoscope. These remedies minimize the negative effects of the malefic planets and these remedies can only be suggested by an experienced Vedic Astrologer as per your birth charts and needs. The astrologer studies your horoscope and then suggests a remedy as per what he sees and analyses in your horoscope.

Astrological Remedies for All Problems

I offer all types of astrological remedies and they are:

Temple Visit Remedies

Temple Visit Remedies

Many a times visiting the temple helps in keeping problems and troubles at bay. By praying to God dedicatedly and pleasing Him in the process, you can solve many of your problems. Doing pujas and yagnas also help where you are required to pray to particular Gods as per your problems in life.
Mantra Remedies

Mantra Remedies

Mantra is the continuous recitation of certain words in a particular sound in order to overcome troubles and problems that have been set forth by bad planets. This is the sound that the planets respond to. Most people fail to understand the power inherent in mantras due to the combination of different sounds. Each of the word used generates a particular sound that in turn helps in the activation of different centers in the human body and each of these correlate to a particular planet.

Gemstone Remedies

Gemstones often help to keep you safe and help to keep problems at bay when you lead an honest life and pray to God regularly. Specific gemstones are related to particular planets and wearing them or keeping them with you can prevent the planets from harming you.

Mukhi Rudraksha Remedies

Rudraksha Remedies

Rudraksha is often recommended for people who travel a lot. It helps to maintain positive energy by keeping negative energy as bay.

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