A good career and a consistent financial growth are something that we all want. There is a lot of competition in almost of fields of career and this can give you a sense of insecurity. There are many other things that we want from life and money is often the most important thing that is required for the same.

A good job or a successful business is required for survival and for living a comfortable life.

Career Growth Astrology
Financial Growth

What is Career & Financial Astrology?

Your planets and stars have a role to play as far as your career is concerned. Many factors in your chart affect how your career would shape up. The placement of Saturn in your chart affects your career by influencing your work ethic and your quality to perform in your organization. It also offers insights to blockages that might be holding you back from giving your best.

The placement of Jupiter indicates the potential for wealth and also your ability to work in a constructive manner as per the advice of others. It may also reveal your past lives’ troublesome karma where you abused wealth or didn’t respect the instructions of your mentors.

Finally, the placement of Mercury sheds light on your natural energies responsible for your commercial success, communication talent, negotiation talent as far as buying and selling products and/or services in the marketplace is concerned, management and marketing abilities etc.

If you are planning to start up a career or business, then you can hire our services to know how things would shape up in the future or to know what do you need to do in order to be successful in life.

How Can I Help You with Career & Financial Growth?

Career Report

This report would tell how your career would shape up in the future and how the different planets are placed in your horoscope. If you do not have a horoscope I would make one for you cover all factors that affect your horoscope.

Business Report

Starting a business is not easy and calls for huge investment and risk. And if you want to know how your business is going to shape up. I answer all questions relating to your business and I help your business to become successful and profitable.

Finance Report

Your horoscope tells how your planets & stars are going affect your wealth & finance. Through this report you would get an idea as how much you are going to earn in the coming year & what are the various good & bad phases that you would have to go through.

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