Are you in love or are your parents looking for a match for you? No matter what, we all dream of ‘Happily Ever After’ married life and this is something that not many people actually experiences.

What is Marriage Astrology and why is it important?

It is said that “Marriages Are Made In Heaven” and it is one of the biggest decision that one needs to undertake in his or her life. Since time immemorial, ‘Kundalis’ or ‘Horoscopes’ of the probable bride and groom have been matched in order to ensure a happily married life. The matching of the kundalis signified that the girl and the boy are compatible and suitable for marrying each other. Vedic astrology has a definitive role to play as far as your marriage is concerned. In fact, people who believe in logic and science cannot ignore the credentials of Vedic astrology in ensuring happiness in a person’s life as there are ample proofs explaining the role of planets in your life.

Rama Sita Happy Marriage Life
Marriage of Rama & Sita

Marriage Horoscope Matching Services

Mars and Venus are two planets that affect the success of your married life. Both these planets should have benefic placements for happy married life. However, if that does not happen, it can create havoc in your married life and ruin it altogether.

Most of the planets have a role to play, with some being more important. All should be examined for a happy and smooth married life and we do just that. I ensure that you have a happy married life and even if the planets do not have benefic placements and are not happy about your marriage.

  • I offer horoscope matching services so that you get to find your future partner easily.
  • Astrology analysis report for your marriage so that you know how your married life is going to be and serve as your perfect guide.
  • Do you know whether you or your partner is manglik? Come to me to know your manglik (Mangal) status.
  • Getting married in the right mahurat is important for a successful marriage. I find out that perfect mahurat for you.

I can also help you if you are facing trouble in your married life. Talk to me today and find the way to happiness!

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