The word Muhurta denotes a moment in time or a time duration of two Ghatikas (48 minutes). According to Vedic Astrology, the essence of muhurta is all about choosing the most appropriate moment for the realization of a purpose, while making sure that the less appropriate moments are avoided. Hence, it is very important that you consult with a trained and well-practiced astrologer.

Since we usually have a great degree of control over the time of commencing a work, it is appropriate that we pick the right Muhurta to do so. In so doing, all the challenges that one might run into in the fulfillment of an action can be completely minimized or avoided.

If you believe in the power of astrology to determine when is the right time to commence an event, I can help.

Muhurta Timing Valmiki
Auspicious Time
Pambu Panchangam Muhurta Timings

Choosing the right Muhurta Time!

While choosing the right Muhurta for starting anything important that involves pleasure, profit and progress, the Nakshatra, Tithi, Yoga, Karana and Varaare taken into account. Apart from these certain bad times and good times in a day (Panchanga factors), a combination of certain weekdays with Tithisand Nakshatras are considered and certain doshas for instance Panchanga Suddhi Rahita are also taken into account.

Selecting the opportune time when these factors are present is not hard as it seems when a reliable astrologer is on hand, and when done appropriately, any event that you undertake is guaranteed to be a great success. Therefore, in determining whether the aforesaid Panchanga factors are favourable or not, always seek assistance from an astrologer.

Rely on Years of Astrological Experience to
Determine the Best Muhurta Time

Make the most of my solid experience to pick the best muhurta for the new endeavour you are going to get into. What are you choosing an auspicious time for? I can help choose just the most opportune muhurta for

  • Commencing education regardless of its nature and difficulty
  • Marriage for everlasting happiness
  • Sexual Union
  • Child birth
  • Starting a business
  • Building a new house
  • Borrowing Money
  • Shifting from one place to another
  • Commencing a journey abroad
  • Buying or selling anything – from a piece of furniture to a car or any other movable property
  • Medical surgery
  • Child-Birth
  • Making a will and Works of day to day importance

No matter whatever it is you are planning to commence, you can consult with me so as to pick the best possible muhurta time for your work and be sure that great success is guaranteed for you!

Contact me for Muhurta Time Consultation

Only a true astrologer has a thorough understanding of the right Muhurta, the real life effects of the different factors and all other aspects that need to be considered to choose the most auspicious moment available in which to undertake any action.

Contact me today if you’re looking for an experienced astrologer to help you choose the right Muhurta to begin any activity.

All is well that begins well.

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