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I have been having a great passion towards Astrology from a very young age. My main traits as an Astro consultant are to advise my clients on “pariharams” for “ doshams” and also act as an Astro – Counselor in helping my clients to balance life during problematic days.


Horoscope Casting Prediction

What does your future look like? All it takes is a good astrologer to read into your horoscope and predict your future!

Don’t let your doubts & apprehensions stop you from enjoying what the planets have in store. My personalized horoscope reading services are designed to throw more light on all issues that have been puzzling you in recent times. With expert horoscope predictions and advice, your recent doubts about a murky future are due to fade. Give your life a twist and confidence a boost.


In life, it is those small things that matter the most. Speaking of things that matter, we focus on “Muhurta“, which is the right time to do certain things.

Selecting a muhurta can make or break your chances of doing something successfully. If you want to transform your chances of succeeding for a new personal undertaking or a business idea, you need to take full advantage of the opportunities that come your way. To that end, choosing the opportune moment becomes a critical component.


Muhurta Time

Muhurta Auspicious Time
  • Health

    Health Astrology Prediction

    When life showers opportunities, you need to be mentally and physically healthy to grab them with both hands. But there are times when things are not favourable. When everything looks out of hands, a simple health prediction based on your horoscope can make all the difference. Planetary changes may give you a predisposition to a certain disease, so tracking the movements and reading your horoscope is quite important to ensure you remain hale & healthy in your life.

    Health astrology prediction will help to eliminate your health worries & give you what you need most for quick and complete recovery – peace of mind.

  • Education is immensely valuable and so is the decision to choose the right course or degree. If you think astrology can help your children in making the right choices throughout their school and college life, you are not alone. Over the years, I have helped several students and professionals pick the right future education and career paths at every appropriate stage.

    My education astrology prediction service is intended to help your children identify, develop and refine a range of skills and competencies that enable them to grab the right opportunities and positions in what appears to be an increasingly competitive world.



    Education Astrology Prediction
  • Career

    Career & Financial Growth Astrology

    Discovering the right career path in life seems to be easy but it is not. When choosing a job that best fits into your personality is a life changing decision, there is a lot at stake. And you cannot afford to take chances. This is where my prediction services comes in real handy.

    By scrutinizing your horoscope, I can make close predictions about your career and financial growth and help you take control of things that were too difficult to manage. Let us tighten those loose ends and take the first step toward raising up those ranks for a rewarding career and wealth.

  • Marriage
  • Family/Children
  • Remedies


Marriage Astrology Prediction

As they say, “Marriages are made in Heaven”. There should be no compromise when it comes to something as divine and eternal as marriage. Horoscope prediction and matching of charts become crucial if there are more astrological factors than meet the eye that go into making your relationship not only happy but everlasting.

If there was one thing to help you get rid of all anxiety and fears related to your marriage that was proper marriage astrology prediction. Believe in my horoscope matching and the power of astrology to choose the best match and find your own way to a happy married life.


Leading life happily sitting on top of all the riches in this world seems impossible if there are complex issues surrounding your family and children. When the modern approaches to life and changing lifestyles pose a big threat to the mental and physical wellbeing of your family and children, it pays to go back to age-old systems and beliefs. Vedic astrology has always been a pillar of support for people with personal and family issues.

Consult with me today to see how I can help read into your horoscope and your family’s horoscopes to establish the root cause of all problems and provide solutions that work,



Family & Children Astrology



Even a planet that does favourable things to you in the early part of your life may have some evil effects at a later stage. Thankfully, there are astrological remedies that can reduce the harm that is in store and provide the much-needed peace of mind and happiness. From propitiating planets to doing yantra pujas and wearing powerful gemstones and rudrakshas, I can suggest several astrological remedies reading into your horoscope.

Count on my astrological horoscope reading experience to put you on the right track so you can get back to enjoying the lovely journey called LIFE.


People Who Speak About Me

Sir i want to talk with u sir but i cant come straight can u say for me in chat i am facing lot of problems sir can u help me pls sir only u can give me solution for me pls sir
lavanya mani
lavanya mani
06:07 23 Jun 18
Mr. Sundar Narayanan has been extremely accurate and a man of great ethics. He doesn't mix words and gives the advice straight. Not moneyminded. In fact after several online discussions, when I met him for the first time also, he was reluctant to ask for fee. I insisted and paid the fee as I found appropriate. Hard to find people like him.
Srikanth Iyengar
Srikanth Iyengar
02:31 05 Jun 18
I have known Shri. Sundar Narayanan ji for more than a decade and he had played a major role in every aspect of my personal and professional career. His guidance and motivation were vital when I wanted to pursue higher studies after quitting my highly paid corporate career. My family has high regards and faith on his predictions. He is a noble person and we very much enjoy his company.
Swaminathan Rammohan
Swaminathan Rammohan
06:01 29 May 18
I got an opportunity to meet him. I must thank him for the same.Good person.Good advises from him in a positive way. It helped me and my family for the changes. Today my business step moves are based on his advises. The slogas advised by him are very powerful, which I got a benefit too.Thanks a lot .
Hemalatha Sriram
Hemalatha Sriram
04:43 30 Apr 18
The best place to enhance your life.. Really spiritual environment. He gives the best advice. He also recommends the right gems.A lot have changed in my life and my parents life after consulting him. One should have good fate to get his consultation.
bhavani b
bhavani b
11:32 12 Apr 18
Astrologer Sundar Narayanan is a great astrologer,;insightful, truthful, elegant, intelligent and caring. He provides great detail in his explanations, magnetically synthesizing the complexities of the chart in an easy comprehensible manner. He answers the difficult to answer, probing questions with skill and mastery. Mr.Sundar Narayanan has very good knowledge about astrology and has deep and detail knowledge of his subject. He is consistent, reliable and accurate. He is very polite and ready to help any time without any terms.I express gratitude from the bottom of my heart and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who believes in astrology and looking for some help.Please take a leap of faith and you will be suprised.R.Karthikeyan
Karthikeyan Ramakrishnan
Karthikeyan Ramakrishnan
07:04 19 Jun 17
It’s a great pleasure to introduce Mr Sundar Narayanan. Mr Sundar Narayanan spends his precious time in answering needy people like me who do believe in science of astrology and its effects on one’s life. I have two kids and as a father of two I definitely wanted to know and be prepared for any of my child’s important events and incidents in their life. Through a friend, I was recommended to him and I thank her for referring our family to Mr Sundar Narayanan. As we are staying in Delhi, with lots of hesitance telephoned him. To our surprise, Mr Sundar Narayanan is a simple and great human being to talk to and his knowledge on this subject seems vast. He was patience and answered all our questions during the call. He gave every details of each of my kid’s horoscope and even gave my wife mantras to chant. Also he was kind enough to tell us to call him back whenever I needed any help in future. I cannot express our gratitude from the bottom of our heart and I suggest his expertise to our family and friends too. Please take a leap of faith and you will be happy with his guidance.
11:48 12 Jun 17
Our association with Shri Sundar is almost two decades. His analytical knowledge in astrology is splendid. His predictions have been perfect and his explanations in simple language as to why and how planets are impacting the situation and solutions for way out is great indeed. His smiling and personal approach, positive attitude, spiritual ambience has no doubt attracted people which is reflected in the reviews we read. As a very good family friend, I wish him all the very best in his endeavors.
Vijayalakshmi Raghavan
Vijayalakshmi Raghavan
18:56 09 Jun 17
Sundar has been our family Astrologer for more than 16 yrs now. Amazing... is not the word to describe how accurate his predictions are. Not just an Astrologer, he is a great friend, philosopher and guide. Always with his trademark smile. We go to astrologers, when we need to know the future. Even the negative vibes in horoscope are explained I. Such a way, that we don't feel the discomfort. Thanks Sundar for being a good friend, philosopher and guide to me.
Priyadarshini Bharath
Priyadarshini Bharath
17:37 06 Jun 17
Sunder is a honest and helpful person.I know about him for the past 20 years.He has helped me to face many personal challenges in my life.He is a man of perfection .We tend to taste the fruit of our life if we surrender to his words.He has been a mentor to my children's​ life.I wish him good luck.
Shanthi Varadarajan
Shanthi Varadarajan
16:50 28 May 17
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